Steel Tank IBC

LAF Steel Tank IBC consists of collapsible steel box, food grade IBC liner. The special design makes the package collapsible, easy-installing, anti-corrosion and large capacity. The material is recyclable and environmental-friendly.Steel Tank IBC is a newly developed package for edible liquid and non-hazardous liquid chemicals storage and transportation.

◆ Application:edible liquid, non-hazardous liquid chemicals
◆ Construction:collapsible steel box, food grade IBC liner
◆ Inlet/Outlet:food grade1"-3"BSP
◆ Capacity:1,000L-1,200L
◆ Benefits:-surface treatment:galvanized with high anti-corrosion performance
                     -reusable for 3-5 years to lower cost in circulating
                     -collapsible, stackable to save storage space