Steel Caged IBC Tank

1. The raw material of IBC adopts the special resin- HDPE with excellent nature of environmental stress cracking resistance(ESCR) for loading and transporting Class 2 dangerous chemicals of maximum density of 1.9g/cm3.

2. Frame and pallet are made of steel tubes and adopt heat treatment as well as hot-dip galvanizing technology.So the whole frames has the advantages of light weight,good flexibility,large capacity and standing the impact of external forces of the accident.Pallets are made of steel material with acid,alkali and corrosion resistance .Besides, pallets have a rational structure that can be loaded and unloaded by forklift and withstand accidental drops and heavy container stacks.

3. IBC is equipped with valves resistant to acid,alkali,corrosion.The nominal diameter of discharging ball valves and butterfly valves are respectively 50mm,80mm.As the material of valve is same with container,the compatibility is good.Besides, it is convenient ,reliable and environmental friendly to use the valve to discharge and clean it.

4. To ensure the safety,the container lid is equipped with air vent to avoid overpressure caused by resolution of cargoes.

5. IBCs are made of several sections so it is convenient to replace the damaged parts and extends the whole life of container.So that they can lower the cost of package.

◆ Application:edible liquid, 2,3 class hazardous chemicals
◆ Construction:HDPE inner container, steel cage with pallet
◆ Inlet/Outlet:6"/2"BSP
◆ Capacity:1000L-1200L
◆ Benefits:-available to hazardous chemicals
                     -reusable to lower cost