Octagonal Paper IBC

LAF Paper IBC consists of octagonal corrugated box, PE liner, wooden pallet. It can hold 900L-1000L. The special design makes the package collapsible, easy-installing, water-resistant and large capacity. The material is recyclable and environmental-friendly.

◆ Application:edible liquid, non-hazardous liquid chemicals
◆ Type: octagonal paper IBC and square paper IBC
◆ Construction:high strength and durable cardboard box, food grade IBC Liner, pallet
◆ Inlet/Outlet:food grade 1"-3"BSP
◆ Capacity:900L-1,000L
◆ Benefits:-high strength, safe and durable
                   -easy operation to reduce residual liquid
                   -collapsible, stackable to save storage space
                   -economical, environmentally friendly, recyclable



1. Put the box on the pallet    2.Put the IBC Liner into the box.

3. Tighten the outlet and fix the packing belt.    4.Connect the pipe and inlet.

5. Finish the filling.    6.Pack the Paper IBC and ready for transport.

Installation Video Link: