IBC Accessories

LAF IBC accessories are available to provide a way for users to load and discharge liquid easily and quickly. The most commonly used accessories include filling and discharging valves, filling frame and heating pad.

◆ The IBC filling and discharging valves are connected with the inlet and outlet of IBC Liner. It can control the liquid flow in the process of loading and discharging liquid.

◆ The filling frame locks opening spout of the liner in position to aid in loading of the container.

◆ The IBC heating pad are applied to the liquid of low Melting Point, in order to increase the fluidity of liquid and discharge easily after heating. According to different outer container box, LAF can provide different style of heating pad, including square and octagonal.
Square Heating PadOctagonal Heating Pad

LAF is committed to provide and perfect products and considerate services for customers. LAF pay more attention to the products usage, provide user-friendly and convenient IBC accessories.