Bag-in-Box (BIB)

In packaging, a bag-in-box or BIB is a type of container for the storage and transportation of liquids. It consists of a strong plastic bag, usually made of several layers of plastics or metallised film, seated inside a corrugated fiberboard box.

(1) Construction:LAF BIB bag is made of 2 layers food grade polyethelene liners with Valve.
(2) Size: Our sized ranges from 1L to 220Liter according to the character of your liquid products. The main sizes:
      1L, 3L,5L,10L,20L,25L, 220L.
(3) Technique: LAF IBC liners are manufactured in a clean environment that ensure the absolute purity of your products.
      We use the best melting technique that ensures valve and liners are connected very well to avoid liquid leakage.
(4) Fitment: Butterfly valve, Hand pull valve, Oil cap for different usage.

Features and Advantages:
(1) Lower Packing Cost and Convenient Carry. Seen from the environmental perspective,bag-in-box packaging is liked
      by producers because it is inexpensive,light and convenient.
(2) More Sanitary and Long Shelf Life.The main function to bag-in-a-box packaging is that it prevents oxidisation of the
      liquid products during dispensing. Liquid Products in a bag is not touched by air and bacteria thus not subject to
      oxidation and spoilage until it is dispensed. It is a very good aseptic bag.
(3) It has the valve, it is easy to be be filled and dicharge many times. Customers can regale on them in any time they want.


  • BEER & WINE:                          啤酒
  • JAM:                                果酱
  • EGG-LIQUID:                            蛋清
  • FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATE:                  浓缩果汁
  • WATER :                               水
  • SAUCES :                           调味汁
  • TOMATO PASTE :                        番茄酱
  • SUGAR SYRUP:                         糖浆
  • VEGETABLE OILS :                        植物油
  • CORN OIL:                            玉米油
  • OLIVE OIL:                            橄榄油
  • PALM OIL :                            棕榈油
  • SORBITOL:                           山梨醇
  • FISH SAUCE :                          鱼油
  • MILK & DAIRY :                           牛奶
  • DARK SOY SAUCE :                       酱油
  • VINEGAR:                             醋